You can now find LIMITED copies of my book in Leila Bookstore in Downtown Cairo.

A little background on the bookstore:

Leila Bookstore runs a large operation and is actually the most important academic book dealer in Egypt and the largest exporter of Arabic books to University Libraries in Europe and North America. Working with massive and prestigious names, like Harvard. Only two bookstores serve this purpose, Leila Bookstores, and the other is called Suleiman Bookstores which is located in Beirut.

They mainly deal as an academic bookseller to schools and universities, but you may be lucky to find a few copies for you there!

With such an unobtrusive space, I almost missed it, so make sure to keep a close eye and ask around, it's very well known around the area.


Leila Bookstore:  17 Gawad Hosny, Off of Qasr El Nile St. Downtown Cairo.