artist of the week: jaber al azmeh

Jaber Al Azmeh (Damascus, Syria b. 1973) dedicated his career to photography as of 1998. With the devastating events in Syria, Al Azmeh used his work to contribute to the crisis as a form of activism. The purpose of these projects was not to make a political statement, on the contrary, Al Azmeh never wanted to take part in any kind of politics simply for its severe corruption, but in his point of view what's happening in Syria is way beyond that. It's a matter of survival. 

Jabel Al Azmeh

Image courtesy of Green Art Gallery Dubai


Wounds (2012) explores the emotional by-product of the Syrian uprising. Through stories that he collected, Al Azmeh used his body to simulate and mimic certain poses and movements, reenacting moments of devastation and despair as a means to highlight the people's struggle. The emotions and struggles for freedom are echoed through his work.

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the resurrection (al ba'ath) "البعث"

The Resurrection (2014) explores the lack of freedom of speech and censorship that came along or more appropriately, increased with the Syrian regime.The series criticises the role of the media, the governments flawed delivery of news and events as well as people's views on current conflicts in Syria.

As a powerful silent protest, Al Azmeh captured a wide range of Syrians around the world, from poets, artists, and actors to dentists and students. Each person holds the government's official newspaper: 'al ba'ath' upended with some of their thoughts, visions and hopes about the conflict in Syria written across in Arabic. It's interesting to visually see the blend of emotions that range on a spectrum of hopefulness and sadness. 

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Images courtesy of Jaber Al Azmeh.