artist of the week: inès longevial

inès longevial

inès longevial

Inès Longevial (b. Agen, France) is an accomplished French artist, graphic designer and illustrator based in Paris, with clients varying from Nike to Levi's, Urban Outfitters and much more, and she's only 26 years old!

Obviously I only share artists I admire in the "artist of the week" feature, but Inès Longevial is definitely at the top of the list for sure. Her unique style of entwining human figures that are decomposed with precision and contrast between beautifully muted colours constantly leaves me spellbound.


"les pleureuses" series

"Les pleureuses" translates to "the mourners."

I was fascinated by the above series. From the movement of the 'tears' and the overlapping colors, it creates such a powerful combination. 

Naturally as Longevial lives in the fashion capital of the world, she is heavily inspired by Parisian fashion, human figures and the Spanish legend, Picasso; which I think you can tell through her work and her use of shapes and composition that there is definitely a Picasso-like influence.   

With such a distinct style, I'd imagine it's difficult to not be repetitive with her body of work, but Inès Longevial manages to constantly evolve and revitalise her masterpieces.

baiser volé

baiser volé

For more on Longevial's work, you can visit her website here and I highly recommend following her active instagram account for behind the scenes and mini videos of her creating her masterpieces.

What do you think about Inès Longevial's work? Comment your thoughts!

All images courtesy of Inès Longevial.