artist of the week: deena mohamed

I felt that the most appropriate way to start the Artist of the Week piece was with the talented and brilliant Deena Mohamed. I also felt like I have the right to brag that I have such awesome and accomplished friend, so let me tell you a little bit about Deena.


Deena is one of those annoyingly humble people who downgrade their achievements when really; they should be celebrating them every single day! I’ve been a fan of Deena’s since school. Her brilliance and talent would just leave you in awe. In my opinion, she mastered the world of art, in all of its forms, from fine art to illustrations, cartoons, comics, and animation.


She is the founder of successful superhero Qahera, a heroine that fights the patriarchy and shattering stereotypes about veiled women and women in general, Islamophobia, misogyny and sexual harassment. There has been a narrow understanding in the world towards Arab women and Deena is here to demolish these typecasts.


Qahera for non- Arabic speakers is Arabic for the city of Cairo and also translates to several words like “conqueror” “vanquisher” and “destroyer.” A fitting name for such a powerful and inspiring superhero, don’t you think? You can read more Qahera comics here.


Deena has been featured on the Huffington post, BBC, MTV and so much more I’m sure she hasn’t told anyone about but you won’t find it hard google-ing her at all so go ahead. Also don’t forget, she’s only 22 years old. Yup. Believe it.


Deena's Port Said workshop poster. Designed by Deena Mohamed

Deena's Port Said workshop poster. Designed by Deena Mohamed

She recently lead a comics workshop in Port Said and also just came back from Jordan creating a video-game called: “B 100 Ragel” that addresses the pressures of society and the societal expectations that women are expected to follow then smashes them in the end. To find out more about this amazing project, visit their facebook page here.

Lets end with some of her "doodles" as Deena would put it. Her doodles = a masterpiece for a normal human being. Enjoy.

Which is your favorite?

All images courtesy of Deena Mohamed.