artist of the week: cécile dormeau

Cécile Dormeau (Paris, France) isn't your typical twenty-something illustrator. Before embarking on her career path, Dormeau worked as a graphic designer and illustrator around Hamburg and Berlin and even landed a junior art director gig in Frankfurt. Now, by investing in herself, Dormeau has become a full time illustrator, working with clients as big as Google, The Sunday Times, ASOS and Emotion Magazine. She even designed illustrations for Emma Watson's "He for She" event in Paris. 


Dormeau pokes fun at society's hilarious expectations towards women. And the reason it resonates with so many people is because of how hysterically true they are. By celebrating imperfections with her bodacious and voluptuous lines, Dormeau shines light on our silly habits, to everyday struggles and the temperamental nature of PMS. By playfully breaking all the rules, from flaunting your saggy boobs to letting everything grow out, she's inspiring women to feel great about themselves! How awesome is that? 


Dormeau hilariously fights back at sexual harrassment. 

How powerful would this be at combatting sexual harrassment? I'd say 100% effective.

cécile dormeau

If you want to see more of Cécile Dormeau's work, visit her website here and follow her instagram page! 


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