artist of the week: arturo alvarez

Arturo Álvarez (Pontevedra, Spain b. 1964) has been masterfully combining elements of shapes and light to create a new vision of emotional lighting. From the convoluted details to the aesthetically pleasing end product, Alvarez's work continuously proves that his threshold for creativity is boundless. 

arturo alvarez

arturo alvarez

Álvarez is always developing new means of expression using light as his main medium. His work fluently incorporates nature and his infatuation with the human body that is repeatedly represented through various designs and techniques.



with the use of black stainless steel mesh, Álvarez successfully creates a visually poignant installation revealing interpersonal relationships and human complexity. One of Álvarez's most powerful projects in my opinion.

From the beautifully elongated necks to the intricate details reflected on the wall, this installation takes a delightful turn when the light bulbs start moving and the shadows start to converse.



For more about Arturo Álvarez and his work visit his website here.

Images courtesy of Alturo Alvarez.