artist of the week: aida muluneh

aida muluneh

aida muluneh

Aida Muluneh (Addis Ababa, b. 1974) is an Ethiopian photographer. Having lived in so many places and moving around the world from such a young age, Muluneh makes sure to use her nomadic experiences and at the same time reconnect with her homeland, Ethiopia.

There's so much variety within her work. Fun fact: Aida Muluneh used to be a photojournalist for the Washington Post!

Because Ethiopia, like many other countries, has been misrepresented through the media, Muluneh decided to use her photos as a means of cultural exchange between her and the rest of the world, and try to rebrand Ethiopia and people's views towards it.

Muluneh is deeply inspired by her Ethiopian background and culture, and especially within her work she's known for her use of traditional African body art and vibrant colours. 

memories in development [part 3]

All  images courtesy of Aida Muluneh.

For more about Aida Muluneh and her beautiful work, visit her website here.

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