artist of the week: maria svarbova

maria svarbova

maria svarbova

Maria Svarbova (Slovakia, b. 1988) has paved the way for her self in the world of photography, with what started as a hobby transformed into a full-time job with none other than her own dedication, passion and hard work.


In terms of style, Svarbova's work is very minimalistic, conceptual and always involves some form of public space. From 2014 till today, she's been fascinated by swimming pools; from their architecture to their whole aesthetic and you'll find that it has been her most well known series. As for the human figures in her work, they're always posed with blank stares and display a lack of emotions. Svarbova seems to use her models as props to tell a story or a message rather than be the main focus of her work. She also maintains a beautifully curated colour palette that creates a wonderfully serene atmospere.

All images courtesy of Maria Svarbova.

For more on Maria Svarbova, visit her website here.

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