artist of the week: al margen

Al Margen (Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an illustrator who just posted his illustrations on his facebook page a few days ago and everyone can't stop talking about them! 

Al Margen is spanish for "The Margin"

He portrays universal problems in a thought provoking and sardonic manner. And has absolutely no desire to please anyone with these illustrations; they're aesthetic aspect is the least of his concerns. 

We all know these problems exist but most of us choose to shy away from them and watch by the sidelines. From the refugee crisis to media's impact on us. It's a common concept that we've seen artists reimagine time and time again, but in Al Margen's case, it's different. 

Born through impulsivity, Al Margen produced a whopping 58 illustrations satirically expressing his perception on the dystopia within our societies that we refuse to confront. 

Below are 12 of my favorite illustrations:

All images courtesy of Al Margen.

To see the rest of the illustrations, visit Al Margen's facebook page.

What do you think about these illustrations? Comment your thoughts!