b. 1995

based in Cairo, Egypt

There are mainly two, albeit contradicting ways I approach my work. One, by challenging traditional ideals with a critical take on social and cultural issues, and two, by appreciating, preserving and celebrating the amiable qualities of being a part of an ancient, granted, outdated civilisation.

With that, duality is ultimately inevitable within my practice. And by reflecting on my internal dichotomies, I start my creative process by decontextualising my ideas and translating them within my own realm of visual expression, to essentially create a contemporary understanding between what I believe and what you see.

I've always been fascinated with everything human, and I find that that's what synthesises my work together in terms of form.  Visually expressing the human experience in all it's manifestations, all instilled within a cross-cultural context.

My work invites viewers to contemplate as well as savour in the aesthetic. Most of my projects consist of several works that function as a collective to serve a specific concept or theme, such as "The Motherhood Series" and "Melodies from Arabia." I generally use acrylics within my body of work, however, my goal is to achieve an interdisciplinary nature throughout my career, and in that explore the many different arenas, styles and mediums that would contribute to my visual dialogue.




2017                       B.A. in Graphic Design, The American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt.


Group Exhibitions

2016                       Juried Exhibition: Sharjah Art Gallery, The American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt.

Published Works

2017                       Book: "As the saying goes" (Translated from Arabic) 100 Egyptian Proverbs Illustrated. Vol. 1.

Presentations and Workshops

2017                        Upcoming: Speaker/Presentation, Annual Career Fair, Hayah International Academy, Cairo, Egypt. .


2018                       Upcoming:  WORLD OF CO. Resident. Sofia, Bulgaria

Media and Bibliography

2017                     Bored Panda: "Promoting Cultural Literacy By Illustrating Egyptian Proverbs

2016                     NEWS@AUC Vector Walla Raster: "Creative Graphic Design Solutions for Egypt"  

Other/Related Works

2017                     Participant in CAIROCOMIX Festival - The American University in Cairo. Sept 22-24.

2017                     Mural @ Tadamon -The Egyptian Refugee Multicultural Council - Community Center in Maadi; Women Empowerment.                                   Oct 9.


Arabic: Fluent

English: Fluent

Spanish: Intermediate